Creationism is the notion that God created the Earth, the Moon and the whole universe in one week, even knocking off Sunday to relax with a frosty beverage after he was done. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually know that the Bible is inaccurate on at least one point. On the seventh day, God did not rest, but in fact spent the day burying dinosaur bones and trilobites just to screw with us.

The notion that the Biblical description of creation is 100% accurate is just ridiculous. In order to accept the seven day timeline we need to ignore or refute basic scientific data from astronomy, physics, geology, biology, paleontology and well pretty much every science we know. This doesn’t stop creationists from making the attempt. In fact there is a whole branch of pseudoscience called creation science which seeks to counter every finding that challenges their belief system. I don’t have the time nor the desire to go into great detail about these illogical and dishonest efforts, but I will outline a few basic facts and let you decide for yourself.

The Earth is roughly four billion years old. Geology, atomic physics and cosmology all give mountains of evidence that this is an accurate estimate. There is not one shred of scientific evidence to support the belief that it is substantially younger. Many creationists actually believe that it is something like 5,000 years old. There is no evidence to support this idea. Hell, there are cities that are older than creationists claim the Earth is.

But let’s just say for a second that the Earth is four billion years old. God could have created everything then, right? Well no. Four billion years ago,, the atmosphere was very different than it is today, with almost no free oxygen to support animal life. You see oxygen is a very reactive element, and it is very rare in its elemental state. Plants free up oxygen as part of photosynthesis, and it took a couple billion years of life existing on this planet to generate enough for the air to be breathable for human or any other com


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