Salvation by Faith

Salvation by faith is a belief espoused by some religious traditions, specifically Protestant Christian sects. Stripped to its essence it means if you believe in Christ you will go to heaven. If you don’t you burn in Hell. The followers of this creed essentially take the following quote John 3:15 “That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” as the be all and end all of religious life.
So if you are a selfish scum bag bastard, but you believe what you are told without questioning, God loves you. If you think for yourself and analyze the information, he hates you and will cast you into a pit of eternal torment to be sodomized by demons till the end of time. Whether you are a good, loving person who serves your fellow man and never kicks puppies or eats children is irrelevant. Just to be clear, God gave man the intellect to think for himself, then casts him into Hell if he uses it?
Further, if you are born in Saudi Arabia and are taught that Jesus was a great guy, good with kids and a wise teacher, but not the son of God, it’s into the pit with you. Seems to me that God, if he exists he would be the God of everyone. Smart and naive alike. People born in Alabama and people born in Bagdad.
I find it hard to believe that the creator of the universe would base the eternal fate of your soul upon whether you believe a story about a man who lived two thousand years ago, for whom there is very little historical documentation. Maybe he is the son of God. Sure, I’m not going to say he wasn’t. I quite like most of his teachings, but I can’t just accept his story verbatim without question. I mean come on, George Washington lived two hundred years ago, and he had wooden teeth (no he didn’t) threw a dollar across the Potomac (no he didn’t) chopped down a cherry tree (no he didn’t) crossed the Delaware in a little row boat (no he didn’t).


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